Burn Fat

The fat-burning zone turns up the intensity even further by adding an aerobic aspect to your workout. The goal is to increase blood flow throughout your entire body, grow new brain cells, and reverse aging. The fat-burning zone can be reached by performing strength training exercises in a circuit fashion or by doing cardiovascular intervals. You know you’re in the fat-burning zone when you cannot speak in complete sentences and you are dripping with sweat!






There are a few ways to do cardio intervals on the rowing machine. For example, you can try the following fat-burning finishers on the rower:

Row for 500 meters as fast as you can, mark your score, and beat it next time.

Do 5 slow pulls and then 10 fast pulls for a total of 5 rounds.

Row for 20 seconds as fast as you can followed by a 10 second resting pace. Do eight rounds.


Walk for at least .10 of a mile to warm up. To flip the fat burning switch while on the treadmill, alternate sprinting and recovering. Run at 60-80% of your maximum for as long as you can before you begin sacrificing your form. Recover with a slow jog or fast walk until you feel comfortable to start again. Keep repeating for 5 to 10 minutes of running at the end of a workout. Beginners can use the incline to increase their heart rate.


rope cardio



Jump rope for 30 seconds and take 15 seconds rest or jump for 1 minute and take 30 seconds rest. Do 4-6 rounds.


Go on the stair mill for 5-10 minutes. Do not hold onto the handles and work at a level 60-80% of your maximum effort.





Amateurs should punch for two minutes straight, rest for one minute, and do four rounds. Professionals should punch for 3 minutes, take 1 minute rest between rounds, and perform for 5-10 minutes.


Always warm up at a moderate pace for 2 minutes before going fast on a bike and end with a cool down. To do a stationary bike circuit, peddle fast for 30 seconds and recover for 1 minute. Do this for 5-10 rounds.