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Are you frustrated with food? 
Are you struggling with weight gain?
Afraid of aging?

Always feel hungry.

Unsure what to eat?

Is your diet in disarray? 


If so, I can help you structure and organize your meals properly.

To create stability in your life, the first thing you must do is learn how to organize your meals correctly. 


The goal of the Core Food Plan is to rid you of all types of food-related suffering. Weight gain, food cravings, lack of focus, feeling depressed, and many other health problems are unnecessarily self-induced because people do not balance their meals properly.


Why do diets fail? To be successful on a diet or lifestyle plan, you must have:






 Not knowing what to eat.

 Feeling hungry.

 Feeling uncomfortable in clothes.

 Unable to focus and being unmotivated.

 Afraid of aging.
 Following fad diets that restrict key nutrients.

✔️ Feeling secure you are eating the right thing.

✔️ Feeling full after eating.

✔️ Feel confident in your clothes.

✔️ Feeling focused and being productive. 

✔️ Want to look and feel younger.
✔️ Eating a balanced protein-carb-fat diet and feeling satisfied.


The 3 things you need to be successful on a diet long term:

1. You must be motivated. You must be driven and have a good reason to change your eating habits. Otherwise, you will not put the effort in.

2. You must follow a diet (way of life) that's enjoyable: The diet must match your personal food likes and dislikes, and you must feel satisfied after eating.

3. Your diet must be technically sound: If your goal is to burn fat, feel full, enhance focus, and to look younger, your diet must follow a sound set of nutritional principles.



To determine if the Core Food Plan is right for you, sign up for the webinar below or contact John Erickson.

By phone or video chat, we will work together to personalize your meals based on your individual food preferences, eating schedule, and protein-carb-fat requirements. Once you start the plan, you will get my personal contact information so I can help you with any problems you come across. For example, if you have questions about which food products to purchase, food portions, or what to order when you dine out. 


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